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Thirty children (mean age 6:11, range 4:3 to 11:0, SD = 2:3) with profound hearing impairments were followed longitudinally over a 3-year period and evaluated every 6 months with a battery of speech perception tests. The battery spanned several levels of perception, from pattern perception to open-set word recognition. The children were all enrolled in a(More)
Nineteen profoundly deaf children who utilize either cochlear implants (CIs) or multichannel tactile aids plus hearing aids (T + HAs) and who were enrolled in a full-day educational program that specializes in the use of sensory aids were evaluated using a battery of speech perception tests either developed in house or chosen because they were part of a(More)
This report was prepared in response to the interest in the development of alternative water supplies and specifically desalination in Florida. It is an assessment of current technologies and its application in the state. Recommendations are provided to effectively implement environmentally and fiscally sound desalination technologies that will hopefully(More)
The University of Miami/Dade County Public Schools Model Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a research and training effort dedicated to the utilization of sensory aids including hearing aids, tactual vocoders, and cochlear implants. The program's teachers and clinicians follow the Miami Cochlear Implant, Auditory, and Tactile Skills (CHATS)(More)
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