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During the first weeks of 2003, after exotic Newcastle disease (END) was confirmed in commercial layer flocks in Southern California, it became apparent that the virus survival information in the literature varied widely and was difficult to extrapolate to current local conditions. The END Task Force used the information available in the literature and the(More)
The newly installed BL28XU beamline at SPring-8 is dedicated to in situ structural and electronic analysis of rechargeable batteries. It supports the time range (1 ms to 100 s) and spatial range (1 µm to 1 mm) needed for battery analysis. Electrochemical apparatus for battery charging and discharging are available in experimental hutches and in a(More)
We used a generalized linear model (GLM) to investigate environmental characteristics of capture sites of the invasive small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) on Amami Island, Japan. Data were collected from 2002 to 2011, from an area with the lowest mongoose density. Data on capture levels and environmental factors were obtained within 1 × 1 km(More)
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