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Exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) has been associated with the onset of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Diesel exhaust particles (DEP) are major components of ambient PM. We first reported DEP in the central nervous system of offspring utilizing maternal inhalation to diesel exhaust (DE). In addition, we found that the effects of maternal(More)
BACKGROUND Nanotechnology is developing rapidly throughout the world and the production of novel man-made nanoparticles is increasing, it is therefore of concern that nanomaterials have the potential to affect human health. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of maternal exposure to nano-sized anatase titanium dioxide (TiO2) on gene(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiological studies have suggested that suspended particulate matter (SPM) causes detrimental health effects such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and that diesel exhaust particles from automobiles is a major contributor to SPM. It has been reported that neonatal and adult exposure to diesel exhaust damages the central nervous(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) is one of the methods used to deliver a large single dose to the tumor tissue while reducing the exposure of normal surrounding tissue. However, the usefulness of intraoperative electron therapy for malignant gliomas has not been established. METHODS During the period from 1987 to 1997, 32 patients with(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study is to investigate the prognostic factors of stereotactic radiotherapy for stage I NSCLC to improve outcomes. METHODS Stage I non-small cell lung cancer patients who were treated with stereotactic radiotherapy between 2005 and 2009 at our hospital were enrolled in this study. The primary endpoint was local control rate.(More)
We evaluated the accuracy of one commercially available and three publicly available deformable image registration (DIR) algorithms for thoracic four-dimensional (4D) computed tomography (CT) images. Five patients with esophagus cancer were studied. Datasets of the five patients were provided by DIR-lab ( and consisted of thoracic 4D CT images(More)
Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) plays an important role in signal transduction pathways initiated at sites of integrin-mediated cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix. Thus, FAK is involved in many aspects of the metastatic process including adhesion, migration and invasion. Recently, several small molecule inhibitors which target FAK catalytic activity have(More)
We evaluated radiation-induced myocardial damage using iodine-123 β-methyl-iodophenyl pentadecanoic acid (I-123 BMIPP) scintigraphy. Between May 2010 and April 2011 we performed I-123 BMIPP scintigraphy for patients who had maintained complete response to curative radiotherapy (RT) for esophageal cancer for more than six months. We compared the area of the(More)
4,4'-Butylidenebis(6-t-butyl-m-cresol) (BBBC) can be eluted from disposable gloves made of nitrile-butadiene rubber and possibly also detected in food. We have reported that BBBC is an androgen and estrogen antagonist. In this report, BBBC (0.1, 1.0 mg/kg body weight (bw)/day) was subcutaneously administered to pregnant rats from gestation days 11 through(More)
Ultrasonic humidifiers silently generate water droplets as a cool fog and produce most of the dissolved minerals in the fog in the form of an aerosolized “white dust.” However, the health effect of these airborne particles is largely unknown. This study aimed to characterize the aerosol particles generated by ultrasonic humidifiers and to investigate their(More)