Ken Surendran

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A growing trend in Software Engineering (SE) courses, especially in capstones, is to use an actual business or industry client for case-based projects. We will broadly examine approaches taken to deal with situations occurring when projects with outside clients are brought into the classroom at various size institutions in different countries. Specifically(More)
Faculty face many challenges both in and outside the confines of the university setting. They must increase the number of topics and the depth in which the material is covered while simultaneously reducing the number of required degree hours. In addition, employers have acknowledged an overall decline of soft skills among today's graduates. Further, faculty(More)
Currently, most CS and IS (CIS/MIS) curricula include a capstone course to help achieve some of the program objectives such as soft-skills development. Since the scope of the IS2010 model is limited to the consideration of high-level capabilities, the recommendation lists only core courses common to all Information Systems programs and some sample elective(More)
Executive Summary This paper illustrates an approach used to enhance student learning outcomes in a combined cross-listed Systems Analysis and Design (SA&D) course and examines benefits perceived by students through analysis of assessment and students feedback. The SA&D course is a required course in both the Management Information Systems (MIS) major and(More)
A tool for recognizing alphabet level continuous American Sign Language using Support Vector Machine to track the sign languages represented with hands is presented. Six letters are trained and recognized and got an efficiency of 92.13%. The static images of hand gestures representing the six letters are taken in a camera and processed for training and(More)
Just like universities, employers are recognizing significant differences in the current generation - herein referred to as Millennials - of students and graduates compared to Generation X. Unlike in academia, the situation is more complex in the workplace which involves the complex interactions of three generations with managers from Generation X mediating(More)
This paper describes a simulation project concerning a modern traffic signal control system that was carried out by students in a computer organization course and in a subsequent independent research course. The overall project required both hardware realization and software development for simulating the traffic flow using assembly language. The features(More)
Spacecraft attitude control system simulator helps to create an environment utilized for simulating attitude control system of satellites. A set of three inertial wheels is used as primary actuators for the attitude control. A flywheel is a disk with significant moment of inertia which is used as a storage device for rotational energy, i.e. momentum can be(More)