Ken R. Harewood

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Contrary to several earlier reports, we find that cross-recombination between wild-type and the mutant loxP511 sites is <0.5% of that between two wild-type sites if Cre protein is expressed by phage P1 during an infection. The finding enabled us to develop a procedure to truncate DNA progressively from both ends of large genomic inserts flanked by these two(More)
An enhancer within intron 1 of the amyloid precursor protein gene (APPb) of zebrafish is identified functionally using a novel approach. Bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) were retrofitted with enhancer traps, and expressed as transgenes in zebrafish. Expression from both transient assays and stable lines were used for analysis. Although the enhancer(More)
BACKGROUND Chromatin adjoining the site of integration of a transgene affects expression and renders comparisons of closely related transgenes, such as those derived from a BAC deletion series retrofitted with enhancer-traps, unreliable. Gene targeting to a pre-determined site on the chromosome is likely to alleviate the problem. FINDINGS A general(More)
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