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By introducing twist during spinning of multiwalled carbon nanotubes from nanotube forests to make multi-ply, torque-stabilized yarns, we achieve yarn strengths greater than 460 megapascals. These yarns deform hysteretically over large strain ranges, reversibly providing up to 48% energy damping, and are nearly as tough as fibers used for bulletproof vests.(More)
Individual carbon nanotubes are like minute bits of string, and many trillions of these invisible strings must be assembled to make useful macroscopic articles. We demonstrated such assembly at rates above 7 meters per minute by cooperatively rotating carbon nanotubes in vertically oriented nanotube arrays (forests) and made 5-centimeter-wide, meter-long(More)
BACKGROUND Patient satisfaction is an important quality assurance measure in the delivery of health care. We conducted a prospective study to assess patient satisfaction at a large tertiary oncology/dysplasia unit. AIMS To assess current patient satisfaction at a large tertiary oncology/dysplasia unit and identify potential areas for improvement. (More)
force reduction due to nanotube meandering. This structure provides a volume per strut of D´L 2 sin(120°) and a calculated density of r calc = W L /[D´L sin(120°)], where W L is the strut weight per unit length and Dís the sum of the covalent diameter of the nanotube and the 0.34-nm van der Waals diameter of carbon (8). By equating calculated sheet(More)
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