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Gibbs (1990) found that metaphoric referential descriptions take longer to read than literal references, in contrast to the usual result that metaphors and literal sentences are about equally easy to comprehend. This study was performed as an investigation of Gibb's finding. In Experiment 1, subjects received story contexts in which characters clearly(More)
Recently, a growing empirical literature in industrial organization studies the effect of adverse selection on market outcomes and welfare. In this paper, we ask the natural next question, how signaling affects equilibrium outcomes and welfare in markets with adverse selection. Using data from Prosper.com, an online credit market, we estimate a model of(More)
In order to establish a phosphorus recovery method, some phosphorus recovery methods from incinerated ash of sewage sludge were investigated. The phosphorus which is recovered from ash with acidic treatment, is mainly composed of aluminum phosphate. In order to remove aluminum component from aluminum phosphate, alum formation processes was investigated. The(More)
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