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An approach that incorporates three modelling components has been developed to estimate road traffic CO2 emissions for an urban area with street level resolution. The first component enables the determination of the road traffic characteristics using the SATURN (Simulation and Assignment of Traffic in Urban Road Networks) model. The output from this(More)
Functional restoration for orthopedic, systemic, or dental purposes uses a diverse range of biomaterials. Monitoring for any subsequent failures associated with pathology is vital. To this end, an alternative methodology beyond that of cutting sections by conventional microtome knife-based histomethodologies was pioneered. The method was to saw a block of(More)
The implementation and maintenance of an air pollution monitoring program can be expensive and time consuming, especially when the aim is for long-term monitoring over a significant area. Consequently, it is essential that sites are optimized to provide the best representative cover while minimizing costs. In the past, there has been a tendency to locate(More)
Manganese oxide coatings on sand particles within filtration beds from a water treatment plant in Grampian, Scotland were examined to determine their control on metal mobility. This study first sought to characterise the oxides, notably their mineralogy and metal content, to provide a foundation for studies on the adsorption of dissolved metals from the(More)