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Controlling the cellular microenvironment can be used to direct the cellular organization, thereby improving the function of synthetic tissues in biosensing, biorobotics, and regenerative medicine. In this study, we were inspired by the microstructure and biological properties of the extracellular matrix to develop freestanding ultrathin polymeric films(More)
Biological scaffolds with tunable electrical and mechanical properties are of great interest in many different fields, such as regenerative medicine, biorobotics, and biosensing. In this study, dielectrophoresis (DEP) was used to vertically align carbon nanotubes (CNTs) within methacrylated gelatin (GelMA) hydrogels in a robust, simple, and rapid manner.(More)
β-relaxation has long been attributed to localized motion of constituent molecules or atoms confined to isolated regions in glasses. However, direct experimental evidence to support this spatially heterogeneous scenario is still missing. Here we report the evolution of nanoscale structural heterogeneity in a metallic glass during β-relaxation by utilizing(More)
Although the formation of dynamic heterogeneities in glass-forming materials is believed to play an essential role in determining their properties as the glass transition is approached, direct imaging of these heterogeneities remains a challenge. Here, we report on a direct observation of nanoscale dynamic heterogeneities and their time evolution over(More)
We report on the detection of an extremely bright (∼37 mJy at 1100 µm and ∼91 mJy at 880 µm) submillimetre galaxy (SMG), AzTEC-ASTE-SXDF1100.001 (hereafter referred to as SXDF1100.001 or Orochi), discovered in the 1100 µm observations of the Subaru/XMM– Newton Deep Field using AzTEC on ASTE. Subsequent CARMA 1300-µm and SMA 880-µm observations successfully(More)
We discuss a possibility of detecting a coherent photon pair emission and related radiative neutrino pair emission from excited atoms. It is shown that atoms of lambda-and ladder-type three level system placed in a pencil-like cylinder give a back to back emission of two photons of equal energy ∆/2, sharply peaked with a width ∝ 1/(target size) and well(More)
1. Introduction Recent rapid advances in information society demand large-capacity and high-speed access capabilities even for optical data storage. Near-field surface recording technology, which utilizes an aperture-mounted head slider, has been vigorously studiedp3 due to its high density recording potential. One of the problems of near-field recording(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of tocilizumab on pregnancy outcomes in Japanese patients with rheumatic disease. METHODS Data from Chugai's tocilizumab safety database (April 2005 to October 2014) were retrospectively analyzed to identify pregnancy outcomes in patients exposed to tocilizumab. RESULTS Data were available for 61 pregnancies exposed to(More)