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Therapeutic hypothermia is recommended for moderate and severe neonatal encephalopathy, but is being applied to a wider range of neonates than originally envisaged. To examine the clinical use of therapeutic hypothermia, data collected during the first 3 years (2012-2014) of the Baby Cooling Registry of Japan were analysed. Of 485 cooled neonates, 96.5%(More)
1 gene 4G/5G genotype: a risk factor for thrombosis in vessels of internal organs. It is difficult to make an early diagnosis of biliary atresia. An easy screening method uses the 'stool color card' for acholic stool [1]. However, unfortunately, there are several false-negative patients. Patients with biliary atresia often have a bleeding tendency because(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A thrombosed dural sinus malformation (DSM) is a rare condition, the clinical features of which have not yet been completely characterized. Here, we describe the clinical course of a patient with a thrombosed DSM and discuss the outcomes in live birth cases from a review of the literature. CASE DESCRIPTION An ultrasonography(More)
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