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Patients with "recently" diagnosed Huntington's Disease (RHD) were compared on a neuropsychological test battery to patients who have had the disease three to 15 years (AHD) and to intact controls. While the patients with HD showed general nonfocal deficits on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, the Wechsler Memory Scale, and tests of short-term memory(More)
Twenty-six patients with Huntington's disease (HD) and three subjects at risk for HD were evaluated by computed tomographic, neurologic and neuropsychological examinations. These data were used to delineate the sequence of structural changes in early and intermediate HD, and the relationship of these changes to impairment of neurologic and cognitive(More)
A multicenter prospective randomized clinical trial was undertaken to investigate the effectiveness of the Australian Medical Sheepskin (AMS) in the prevention of sacral pressure ulcers in somatic nursing home patients. Patients were randomized at admission and were then followed daily for 30 days. The experimental group received usual care plus an AMS as a(More)
BACKGROUND Pressure ulcers are a major problem, especially in nursing home patients, although they are regarded as preventable and there are many pressure relieving methods and materials. One such pressure relieving material is the recently developed Australian Medical Sheepskin, which has been shown in two randomized controlled trials 12 to be an effective(More)
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