Ken Mohnkern

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Today many workers spend too much of their time translating their co-workers' requests into structures that information systems can understand. This paper presents the novel interaction design and evaluation of VIO, an agent that helps workers trans late request. VIO monitors requests and makes suggestions to speed up the translation. VIO allows users to(More)
74 AI MAGAZINE E-mail plays a central role in many people’s work. Unfortunately e-mail client software is poorly suited to support the “collaborative quality of e-mail task and project management,” which results in people suffering from “e-mail overload” (Bellotti et al. 2005). The e-mail overload occurs in part because email client software does not(More)
RADAR is a multiagent system with a mixed-initiative user interface designed to help office workers cope with email overload. RADAR agents observe experts to learn models of their strategies and then use the models to assist other people who are working on similar tasks. The agents' assistance helps a person to transition from the normal email-centric(More)
A key challenge for mixed-initiative systems is to create a shared understanding of the task between human and agent. To address this challenge, we created a mixed-initiative interface called Mixer to aid administrators with automating tedious information-retrieval tasks. Users initiate communication with the agent by constructing a form, creating a(More)
Email clients were not designed to serve as a task management tools, but a high volume of task-relevant information in email leads many people to use email clients for this purpose. Such usage aggravates a user’s experience of email overload and reduces productivity. Prior research systems have sought to address this problem by experimentally adding task(More)
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