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Many older homes are equipped with mercury-containing gas regulators that reduce the pressure of natural gas in the mains to the low pressure used in home gas piping. Removal of these regulators can result in elemental mercury spills inside the home. In the summer of 2000, mercury spills were discovered in the basements of several Chicago-area homes after(More)
Methyl parathion (MP) is an organophosphate pesticide illegally applied to the interiors of many hundreds of homes throughout the United States by unlicensed pesticide applicators. Public health authorities developed a protocol for investigating contaminated homes and classifying their need for public health interventions. This protocol included(More)
  • G Chiozzi, A Wallander, +11 authors Schumacher
  • 2007
Current 8-10m ground-based telescopes require complex real-time control systems that are large, distributed, fault tolerant, integrated and heterogeneous. New challenges on the horizon (laser guide star, adaptive optics, 30–40m class telescopes) will bring increased complexity, where requirements cannot be cleanly isolated due to component coupling within(More)
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