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Discourse on History, Geography, and Law: John Dee and the Limits of the British Empire, 1576-80
Using history, geography, and law as his supporting evidence, the English polymath John Dee (1527-1608) helped the British crown to define and defend the limits of its empire. In a series of worksExpand
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Sovereignty and Possession in the English New World: The Legal Foundations of Empire, 1576-1640
Introduction 1. Sovereignty, empire, and law in a New World context 2. Defining the Elizabethan empire in America 3. Letters patent and the acquest of dominion 4. Defending sovereignty and possessionExpand
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Sovereignty “More Plainly Described”: Early English Maps of North America, 1580–1625
  • Ken Macmillan
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  • The Journal of British Studies
  • 1 October 2003
Promoters of the ‘‘new’’ history of cartography have informed us that printed maps were more than mere geographical representations. In Brian Harley’s words, they ‘‘articulated symbolic values asExpand
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The Atlantic Imperial Constitution: Center and Periphery in the English Atlantic World
The Crown and the Atlantic Charters Foreign Affairs: The Example of Spain Emigration and the Shaping of the English Atlantic World Tobacco and the Economy of Empire Petitions and Executive AuthorityExpand
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Common and Civil Law? Taking Possession of the English Empire in America, 1575-1630
Most historians inform us that the legal foundations of the English empire in America were based on the common law. Founded on ancient custom and interpreted by important writers such as Ranulf deExpand
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The Atlantic Imperial Constitution
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John Dee's "Brytanici Imperii Limites"
John Dee's (1527-1609) manuscript compilation "Brytanici Imperii Limites," acquired by the British Library in 1976, plays a vital role in completing our knowledge of the imperial writings prepared byExpand
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English Law and its Expansion
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John Dee : the limits of the British Empire
Preface List of Illustrations Introduction: Discourse on History, Geography, and Law Textual Introduction John Dee, The Limits of the British Empire Document I: Concerning a New Location for theExpand
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