Ken-Li Li

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A new parallel algorithm for the knapsack problem is proposed, in which the method of divide and conquer is adopted. Based on an CREW-SIMD machine with shared memory, the proposed algorithm needs O(2 n/4) 1−ε processors, 0 ≤ ≤ ε 1, and O(2 n/2) memory to find a solution for the n-element knapsack problem in O(2 n/4 ⋅ (2 n/4) ε) time. The cost of the(More)
  • Ken-Li Li, Zhao, Huan, Li Ren-Fa, Li Qing-Hua, Li Kl +9 others
  • 2007
A parallel time-memory-processor tradeoff O(2 5n/6) for knapsack-like NP-complete problems. Abstract: A general-purpose parallel three-list six-table algorithm that can solve a number of knapsack-like NP-complete problems is developed in this paper. This kind of problems includes knapsack problem, exact satisfiability problem, set covering problem, etc.(More)
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