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We have performed fluorescence spectroscopy of high Rydberg states of highly charged ions (HCIs) extracted in vacuum using a microcapillary foil target. We identified photons emitted from ions with one electron in a high Rydberg state, for ∆n = 1 transitions from Q 1 n Q + 3 states in the VUV-visible-NIR light range. Time-resolved measurements clearly(More)
In recent years, casualties was caused by the sudden appearance of a serious disaster (fire, terrorism, earthquake) in urban areas. Most of the casualties are caused by escape delay in these disasters. The most effective measures that provide disaster information and evacuation support information to evacuees are able to reduce the victim. To enable(More)
A lot of people have got injured and died by sudden disasters such as fires and terrorisms. We have proposed an Emergency Rescue Support System (ERESS) for the purpose of reducing victims at the time of disaster. This system operates under mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET). So ERESS uses handheld terminals (ERESS terminals) such as smartphones and tablets. The(More)
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