Ken Kobayashi

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Chenopodium quinoa can grow at altitudes of 3,600–4,000 masl and is adapted to the highly arid conditions typical of the salty soils in the South American Altiplano, with less than 250 mm of annual rain and temperatures below 0°C. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of salinity on the dehydrin content of mature embryos harvested from(More)
In plants, post-transcriptional RNA silencing (PTGS) signals move beyond their sites of synthesis using channels called plasmodesmata (PD). However, a potential influence of PD permeability in silencing signal movement has not been addressed previously. PD connectivity and aperture are routinely determined by monitoring the cell-to-cell movement of protein(More)
Goldmann applanation tonometry is commonly used for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) to diagnose glaucoma. However, the measured IOP by conventional applanation tonometry is valid only under the assumption that all subjects have the same structural eye stiffness. This paper challenges in vivo measurement of eye stiffness with a noninvasive approach and(More)
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