Ken Kitayama

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Phylogenetic studies can reveal patterns of evolutionary change, including the gain or loss of elaborate courtship traits in males. Male African clawed frogs generally produce complex and rapid courtship vocalizations, whereas female calls are simple and slow. In a few species, however, male vocalizations are also simple and slow, suggesting loss of(More)
From the results of etiological study of the disease known as akiyami which prevails in the Shida district of Shizuoka province, we conclude that: 1. Akiyami is an infectious disease caused by a leptospira. 2. The leptospira causing akiyami is very difficult to differentiate morphologically from Leptospira icterohoemorrhagioe and Leptospira hebdomadis. 3.(More)
A novel application of optically stimulable phosphor (OSP) to a memory device for modifiable synaptic weights in a learnable optical neural network is experimentally demonstrated. OSP has many attractive features for mass storage of synaptic weight; it is analog, accessible in parallel, erasable and rewritable, high in resolution, and fast in response.
Associative memory based on the Hopfield model utilizing interconnections by multiple optical fiber nets is proposed and demonstrated experimentally. The coupling ratio from fiber to fiber represents the synaptic weight of the connection between units. The remarkable feature of the optical fiber neural networks is that global connections between 2-D units(More)
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