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Good performance under extreme workloads and isolation between the resource consumption of concurrent jobs are perennial design goals of computer systems ranging from multitasking servers to network routers. In this paper we present a specialized system that computes multiple summaries of IP traffic in real time and achieves robustness and isolation between(More)
Internet data remains one of the basic components of computer science network research. Despite its necessity, available data is limited by legal, social, and technical constraints on its collection and distribution. Thus, optimal distribution of knowledge about available data is a valuable service to the research community. To this end, CAIDA has developed(More)
Until now, system administrators have lacked a flexible real-time network traffic flow monitoring package. Such a package must provide a wide range of services but remain flexible enough for rapid in-house customization. Existing passive data collection tools are typically narrow in scope, designed for specific tasks from packet capture (tcpdump [9]) to(More)
A critical step in creating accurate Internet topology maps from traceroute data is mapping IP addresses to routers, a process known as alias resolution. Recent work in alias resolution inferred aliases based on similarities in IP ID time series produced by different IP addresses. We design, implement, and experiment with a new tool that builds on these(More)
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