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We study the performance of high-speed interconnects using a set of communication microbenchmarks. The goal is to identify certain limiting factors and bottlenecks with these interconnects. Our microbenchmarks are based on dense communication patterns with different communicating partners and varying degrees of these partners. We tested our microbenchmarks(More)
Escherichia coli dnaJ and dnaKdnaJ mutants are defective in cell growth and survival at high temperature. Lack of DnaK and DnaJ proteins results in cell filamentation and leads to the defect in motility. Synthesis of DNA and protein is inhibited at 42 degrees C, especially in double-deletion mutant. Degradation of protein was observed in both mutants at(More)
Mutations in the heat shock genes, dnaK and dnaJ, cause severe defects of several cellular functions. Null dnaJ and dnaKdnaJ mutations can be transduced in a restricted range of temperature. The efficiency of transformation with three unrelated plasmids, viz pACYC184, pBR322 and pSC101, is two times lower in dnaK mutants while the dnaJ mutant is(More)
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