Ken Jung

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This article describes the robots that placed first and second in each event and compares their strategies and their resulting successes and difficulties. T he 1993 robot competition consisted of three distinct events: (1) Escape from the Office, (2) Office Delivery, and (3) Office Rearrangement. The unifying theme for these events was autonomous robotics(More)
Multiple clinical trials have shown the efficacy of adoptively transferred allogeneic antigen-specific T cells for the treatment of viral infections and relapsed hematologic malig-nancies. In contrast, the therapeutic potential of autologous antigen-specific T cells has yet to be established since it has been technically difficult to generate sufficient(More)
Symbolic inductive learning systems explore a space of hypotheses to derive the definition of concepts. Due to the size and complexity of this space, sequential algorithms use various heuristics that limit the classification accuracy of the generated definitions. Parallel search algorithm can rectify such limitations. In this paper we present the PARIS(More)
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