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We investigate in detail relationships between the set B of all infinite “biconvex” sets in the positive root system ∆+ of an arbitrary untwisted affine Lie algebra g and the set W of all infinite “reduced word” of the Weyl group of g. The study is applied to the classification of “convex orders” on ∆+ (cf. [Ito]), which are indispensable to construct(More)
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is a disseminated, highly malignant cancer, with resistance to drug treatment based on molecular- and tissue-scale characteristics that are intricately linked. A critical element of molecular resistance has been traced to the loss of functionality in proteins such as the tumor suppressor p53. We investigate the tissue-scale(More)
The sliding of a finger on a material surface results in complex physical interactions. Tactile texture displays have been limited in their ability to capture the aspects of these interactions. As a step forward, we have combined two complementary types of tactile stimuli, vibrotactile and electrostatic, to deliver roughness textures with high realism.(More)
We combine mathematical modeling with experiments in living mice to quantify the relative roles of intrinsic cellular vs. tissue-scale physiological contributors to chemotherapy drug resistance, which are difficult to understand solely through experimentation. Experiments in cell culture and in mice with drug-sensitive (Eµ-myc/Arf-/-) and drug-resistant(More)
This paper proposes a new dynamical memory system based on chaotic neural networks, and its learning scheme. It is demonstrated that, when no embedded pattern, i.e., unknown pattern, is applied to the system, the output pattern travels around the embedded patterns, and the travel-ing phases depend on a external parameter of the networks such as the input(More)
Yasuhiko Kono Ken Ito Hiroshi Okawara Toru Fukuma OVERVIEW: To satisfy a growing global market, Hitachi supplies a wide range of railway traction system products to meet diverse customer needs that extend from commuter to high-speed trains. This has included the development and commercialization of a standard medium-capacity inverter with a mass and(More)
Purpose To quantitatively determine the limit of detection of marrow stromal cells (MSC) after cardiac cell therapy (CCT) in swine by using clinical positron emission tomography (PET) reporter gene imaging and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with cell prelabeling. Materials and Methods Animal studies were approved by the institutional administrative panel(More)