Ken Ichiryu

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We developed a four-arm four-crawler advanced disaster response robot called OCTOPUS. Disaster response robots are expected to be capable of both mobility, e.g., entering narrow spaces over very rough unstable ground, and workability, e.g., conducting complex debris-demolition work. However, conventional disaster response robots are specialized in either(More)
This paper presents a virtual reality (VR) simulator for four-arm disaster response robot OCTOPUS, which has high capable of both mobility and workability. OCTOPUS has 26 degrees of freedom (DOF) and is currently teleoperated by two operators, so it is quite difficult to operate OCTOPUS. Thus, we developed a VR simulator for training operation, developing(More)
This research proposes a computation approach to address the evaluation of end product machining accuracy in elliptical surfaced helical pipe bending using 6dof parallel manipulator as a pipe bender. The target end product is wearable metal muscle supporters used in build-to-order welfare product manufacturing. This paper proposes a product testing model(More)
This research proposes an effective vertical clustering strategy of 3D data in an elliptical helical shape based on 2D geometry. The clustering object is an elliptical cross-sectioned metal pipe which is been bended in to an elliptical helical shape which is used in wearable muscle support designing for welfare industry. The aim of this proposed method is(More)
In this paper, a new type of an electric walker driven by active-casters, Smart Walker, is proposed. Smart Walker has three wheels, two drive wheels on the front and one passive wheel on the rear. The front drive wheels are active-casters which can provide active traction force in any direction to create translation motion in back and forth direction and/or(More)
A tripod parallel mechanism consists of three links of fixed length and a rigid platform, and these are connected by revolute joints. The platform can achieve sixdegrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) motion by the coordinated movement of the bottom ends of the three links on a horizontal plane. This mechanism has advantages over the more common six extendible parallel(More)
Disaster response robot with four arms and flippers OCTOPUS has high mobility and task-execution capabilities. Owing to the higher number of degrees of freedom, OCTOPUS is controlled by two operators, however this kind of robots is inherently difficult to be operated. To design easy-to-use human machine interfaces and intelligent control systems, we need to(More)
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