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Indications for surgical treatment of funnel chest by chest radiograph
Abstract. Forty-seven children with funnel chest (FC) who underwent sternal elevation and 210 normal children were examined to determine the indications for surgical treatment using the vertebralExpand
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Indications for Surgical Repair of Funnel Chest Based on Indices of Chest Wall Deformity and Psychological State
AbstractPurpose. We examined the surgical indications for funnel chest, taking psychological factors into consideration. Methods. We assessed 36 young people with funnel chest who were seen asExpand
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Pre-operative ultrasonographic diagnosis of biliary atresia—with reference to the presence or absence of the extrahepatic bile duct
Our aim was to evaluate the efficacy of ultrasonographic (US) examination in the pre-operative diagnosis of biliary atresia (BA) with special reference to the presence or absence of extrahepatic bileExpand
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Comparison of the Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum by age and uncommon complications.
BACKGROUND We summarized our experience of the Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum with comparison by age and uncommon complications. METHODS Twenty-three patients underwent the Nuss procedure.Expand
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Preliminary study on the effects of bar placement on the thorax after the nuss procedure for pectus excavatum using bone scintigraphy.
AIM Bone scintigraphy was performed to elucidate the effects of the Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum on the bony thorax. METHODS Eight boys and 6 girls (5 - 24 years of age) underwent boneExpand
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Umbilical center insertion method for initial trocar placement in pediatric laparoscopic surgery.
BACKGROUND For laparoscopic surgery in pediatric patients, the initial trocar insertion is usually made employing open laparotomy to avoid injury to the viscera. It is safe but somewhatExpand
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Evaluation of ^ TlCl Per Rectum Scintigraphy in Biliary Atresia
Thoracoscopic Minimally Invasive Sternal Elevation for Funnel Chest
漏 斗胸 に対 して胸 腔鏡 下 にsteel barを 挿 入す るminimally invasivesternal elevation(本 法)を 試み た。 この 手技 を詳細 に 述べ る とともに,従 来 の胸骨 挙上術 を行 った35例(従 来群)と 本 法 を行 った5例(胸 腔鏡群)を 比 較 した。 従 来群 の年齢 は1歳10カ 月か ら16歳11カ 月(平 均5歳5カExpand