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In the extreme environment of Antarctica at the South Pole, the IceCube experiment, the world's first kilometer-scale neutrino telescope, collects cosmic ray events. IceCube consists of over 5000 digital optical sensor modules (DOMs) deployed on 86 instrumentation lines each extending 2.5 km deep in the antarctic ice. The array of optical modules monitors(More)
An input-output model is used to analyze price pass-through effects of a minimum wage increase on prices of the food and kindred products and food-service industries. These sectors employ a disproportionate share of minimum wage workers, but results suggest a $0.50 increase in the present minimum wage would increase food prices less than 1 percent for most(More)
Meta-analysis aims to combine results from multiple experiments. For example, a neutron reaction rate or cross section is typically measured in multiple experiments, and a single estimate and its uncertainty are provided for users of the estimated reaction rate. It is often difficult to combine estimates from multiple laboratories because there can be(More)
The hybrid Markov Chain Monte Carlo technique affords a robust means for sampling multidimensional probability density functions with high efficiency, provided one can calculate the gradient of φ = minus-log-probability in a time comparable to calculating the probability itself. The latter condition is met using the technique of adjoint differentiation. The(More)
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