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This thesis presents a system for describing the pitch-time structure of a musical dialect or "style". The music description system is built from a constraint language, which is itself a natural extension of modern engineering and simulation "kits". Several of the most common musical concepts are defined as expressions in the kernel language. These include(More)
As the volume of material online increases, it becomes more difficult and time consuming for people to find what they are looking for [5]. Finding the right document depends on how well query terms match keywords or other document descriptors. In the case of text documents, descriptors can be generated from an automatic analysis of the documents’ content(More)
The emergence in 1976 of Doug Lenat's mathematical discovery program AM [Len76] [Len82a] was met with suprise and controversy; AM's performance seemed to bring the dream of super-intelligent machines to our doorstep, with amazingly simple methods to boot. However, the seeming promise of AM was not borne out: no generation of automated super-mathematicians(More)
Automatic newspaper design requires feature organization. An intermediary between an article database and the graphic designer is implemented that organizes features with regard to their style and content. Topics are determined and style assessed through simple keyword analysis augmented by various content-understanding heuristics. Articles are grouped by(More)
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