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An Apparatus for Generating Aged Cigarette Smoke for Controlled Human Exposure Studies Suzaynn F. Schick a , Kathryn F. Farraro b , Jiaxi Fang c , Sarah Nasir d , Justin Kim e , Donald Lucas f , Hofer Wong a , John Balmes a , D. Ken Giles g & Bryan Jenkins g a Department of Medicine, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of(More)
The current health care environment in the United States is in turmoil, especially in regions that are further ahead in the transition from free-for-service to managed care. This article examines turmoil within primary care during a health-maintenance-organization-sponsored and federally funded randomized trial of using continuous quality improvement for(More)
One of the new initiatives taken by the immediate past president of The Transplantation Society, KJ Wood, is to introduce a new series of meetings named 'New Key Opinion Leaders of Tomorrow'. The Transplantation Society invites the leading young investigators in the field of transplantation to participate in this meeting together with the present leaders of(More)
This paper will demonstrate the advantages of pursuing an integrated model of care that utilizes one staff of caregivers in one facility for all phases of patient care from the time of patient evaluation through the time the patient returns to the care of his or her primary physician. We took the opportunity afforded by the development of a new program at(More)
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