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The IEEE 802.15.4 standard, known as ZigBee, is limited to a through-rate of 250kbps providing support for small packet file transitions and it is designed to provide highly efficient connectivity with low power-usage. ZigBee is commonly used in wireless architecture and in controlling and monitoring applications. ZigBee's cost effective potential makes it(More)
In recent years NASA engineers have designed an interface system that connects the Space Shuttle and Space Station communication system to the Internet on Earth. Such a system allows for the astronauts to use services like the World Wide Web and Electronic Mail. This application provides a scenario with unique latency and throughput parameters that the(More)
IEEE 802.15.4 - ZigBee is a wireless sensor targeted at applications that require low data rate, low power and inexpensive. ZigBee is limited to a throughput of 250kbps and is designed to provide highly efficient connectivity. Hence, IEEE 802.15.4 is not designed to transfer large amounts of data or MPEG-4, as its bandwidth is too low. In engineering and(More)
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