Ken Elkabany

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There is growing interest in intracortical microstimulation as a means of providing sensory input in neuroprosthetic systems. We believe that precisely controlling the timing and parameters of stimulation in closed loop can significantly improve the efficacy of this technique. Here, we present a system for closed-loop microstimulation in awake rodents(More)
We report the design, implementation, and deployment of Lepton, a fault-tolerant system that losslessly compresses JPEG images to 77% of their original size on average. Lepton replaces the lowest layer of baseline JPEG compression—a Huffman code—with a parallelized arithmetic code, so that the exact bytes of the original JPEG file can be recovered quickly.(More)
Team Members & Advisors—Eric Andres, Alexandre Bayen, Alex Brooks, Christopher Brooks, Iain Brown, Eric Chang, Wuyang Chen, Charlie Chiau, Jaechoon Chon, Hoam Chung, Gamini Dissayanake, Miguel Domingo, Bertrand Douillard, Vincent Duindam, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, J. Mikael Eklund, Ken Elkabany, Danish Farooq, Filip Furmanek, Mark Godwin, Michael Greenbaum, Jose(More)
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