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Wildlife managers consider animal translocation a means of increasing the viability of a local population. However, augmentation may disrupt existing resident disease dynamics and initiate an outbreak that would effectively offset any advantages the translocation may have achieved. This paper examines fundamental concepts of disease ecology and identifies(More)
advisory committee provided guidance throughout the process of developing these materials, by identifying relevant studies and assisting with interpretation of findings. Any errors or omissions are the fault of the authors. The mission of The University of Arizona's Water Resources Research Center is to promote understanding of critical state and regional(More)
Upper respiratory tract disease (URTD) caused by Mycoplasma agassizii is considered a threat to desert tortoise populations that should be addressed as part of the recovery of the species. Clinical signs can be intermittent and include serous or mucoid nasal discharge and respiratory difficulty when nares are occluded. This nasal congestion may result in a(More)
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