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Fabrik is a visual programming environment - a kit of computational and user-interface components that can be “wired” together to build new components and useful applications. Fabrik diagrams utilize bidirectional dataflow connections as a shorthand for multiple paths of flow. Built on object-oriented foundations. Fabrik components can compute(More)
Validating a gene expression signature proposed to differentiate liposarcomas that use different telomere maintenance mechanisms A gene expression signature meant to distinguish between telomerase and alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) utilization was recently described (Lafferty-Whyte et al., 2009). This was generated from the intersection of two(More)
Existing library preparation methods for deep sequencing of mRNA (mRNA-seq) are time-consuming, multistep processes that are dependent on intact (nondegraded) total RNA samples, efficient removal of ribosomal RNA (rRNA), ligation of platform-specific adaptors, and multiple clean-up steps to generate di-tagged cDNA. We describe novel methods for rRNA removal(More)
OBJECTIVE The emergency department (ED) environment requires physicians to focus on workflow efficiency (WFE) and manage ED throughput. We sought to determine whether an interactive workshop could be designed and favourably perceived by emergency physicians and residents as a means to improve their self-assessed WFE skills. METHODS The authors designed a(More)
The impact of continuous perfusion cell culture technology on production of one and two chain human rtPA, as well as monoclonal IgG and IgM, will be reviewed. Perfusion as compared to batch systems improve the quality of the product in the conditioned media in terms of biological activity and structural integrity. This significantly increases downstream(More)
This survey provides a description of quality assurance (QA) in emergency departments of Canadian hospitals, looking at QA structure, processes, outcome measurements, and applications. With survey questions addressing the existence of a written QA plan, chart audits, mortality review, data collection and reporting, the frequency of comprehensive QA programs(More)
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