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In 2001, Eagle Datamation International (EDI), a leader in the Australasian customs clearance and freight forwarding software market, embarked on a process of cultural transformation in response to changes in its regulatory environment. The first phase of this transformative process involved the execution of a strategy of ‘creative destruction’ through(More)
The paper outlines an action research project conducted within an Australian public sector organisation with the purpose of changing a key internal business process. Despite the significant challenges incurred by using a change methodology considered to be ‘radical’ within this conventional, hierarchically structured, organisation, the business process was(More)
This paper presents the perspective of a range of practising South African artists on the contextual factors influencing the recent surge in artistic creativity and innovation in their country. In particular, the ‘edginess’ of the everyday contexts of artistic endeavour is seen as a source of transformative learning for those having the courage to engage(More)
This book illustrates all that is best and worst about contemporary writing in urban studies and planning: `best' because the theoretical themes about the dynamics of cities and planning are clear and coherent, `worst' because the case studies are written in such a way that the reader really needs to know the places before sense can be made of the arguments(More)
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