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Between 1976 and 1985 laparoscopy was performed on a total of 768 patients in whom adnexitis was suspected. In accordance with conventional usage they were initially designated as "acute" and "chronic" cases of adnexitis on the basis of clinical criteria. The tentative diagnosis of an active infection was confirmed by laparoscopy in 62.7% of the patients(More)
A severe amniotic infection syndrome with a septic shock and a consumption coagulopathy is reported after an amniocentesis in second trimester. In literature, the risk of an amnionitis after amniocentesis amounts to 0.1%-0.4% and the risk of a severe maternal infection reaches 0.03%-0.19%. The available data show, that the clinical symptoms (rise in(More)
Between 1976 and 1986 laparoscopy was performed in 3,584 patients to establish the cause of acute and chronic lower abdominal pain. The most frequent indications for laparoscopy were lower abdominal pain of unknown etiology, adnexitis, and adnexal tumors. The overall level of agreement between the clinical and laparoscopic diagnoses was 56.8%. In 50% of the(More)