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Diel variations in N(2) fixation (acetylene reduction), CO(2) fixation, and oxygen concentrations were measured, on three separate occasions, in a marine microbial mat located on Shackleford Banks, North Carolina. Nitrogenase activity (NA) was found to be inversely correlated with CO(2) fixation and, in two of the three diel periods studied, was higher at(More)
A detailed parametric study was carried out over the course of approximately one year to determine the measurement sensitivity and repeatability of an in-line surface photo-charge metrology system for major implant parameters used in an established, high volume, 0.35 /spl mu/m CMOS process. The critical p-channel transistor implant processes; Threshold(More)
One hundred and eighty-five women were followed up for periods up to 15 months (a total of 964 menstrual cycles) to determine the contraceptive efficacy and side effects of 2 mg. norethindrone with 0.1 mg. mestranol, as well as other therapeutic benefits. No pregnancies occurred in those using this method alone for contraception. Side effects were minimal.(More)
Cloacal dysgenesis is a rare anomaly. Fifty cases have been reported in the literature. This condition differs from the usual imperforate anus. The diagnosis, evaluation, and therapeutic management require an understanding of the embryogenesis of the cloaca. The presence at birth of a single interlabial orifice or an abnormality sited anus is a surgical(More)