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  • K D Coutts
  • 1991
A single subject performed 36 coast-down trials on a hardwood floor in a sport model wheelchair with velocity ranging from 1.28 to 5.31 m/s (4.6 to 19.1 km/h). A portable computer attached to the wheelchair was used to record the time to the nearest 0.001-second of each half-revolution of a rear wheel. The deceleration during each trial was determined with(More)
  • K D Coutts
  • 1992
A sport model wheelchair instrumented with a portable computer and a switch activated with each half revolution of a rear wheel was used to record serial time and distance data on two subjects (1 male, 1 female) during a portion of a basketball game. These and two additional subjects (1 male, 1 female) also completed a series of coast down and maximal(More)
  • K D Coutts
  • 1990
Eight international caliber wheelchair male athletes (3 basketball, 5 distance track) performed an all-out propulsion effort from a standing start for 10 seconds on a wheelchair ergometer. Comparisons between the basketball and track athletes on linear wheelchair and push rim velocity during the first 3 pushes and the peak value indicated that the(More)
  • K D Coutts
  • 1982
The vertical component of ground reaction force-time curves for two styles of jumping used in preparation for a spike in volleyball were analyzed in a group of 86 players. The two styles consisted of a hop approach where the player lands simultaneously on both feet prior to take-off, and a step-close (SC) approach where one foot is placed in its take-off(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (D1co), alveolar capillary membrane diffusing capacity (Dm), and pulmonary capillary blood volume (Vc) are all significantly reduced after exercise. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether measurement position affects this impaired gas transfer. METHODS Before and one, two, and four hours after(More)
  • K D Coutts
  • 1994
The purpose of this study was to measure the wheelchair drag and maximal sprint performance abilities of wheelchair basketball players and to make comparisons between male and female players. A group of nine male and eight female wheelchair basketball players attending a national training camp consented to serve as subjects. Each subject completed six(More)
Civitas is a registered charity (no. 1085494) and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (no. 04023541) Independence: Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society is a registered educational charity (No. 1085494) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 04023541). Civitas is financed from a variety of private sources to avoid(More)
What should be the West's top priority for climate-change policy? This article is a revised and updated version of my talk to the Potsdam Global Sustainability Symposium (which drafted the "Potsdam Declaration" presented to the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference in Bali). Acknowledgements: I have no special expertise on the scientific aspects of climate(More)
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