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Steganography can be used to hide information in audio media both for the purposes of digital watermarking and establishing covert communication channels. Digital audio provides a suitable cover for high-throughput steganography as a result of its transient and unpredictable characteristics. Distortion measure plays an important role in audio(More)
Detecting and mitigating insider threat is a critical element in the overall information protection strategy. By successfully implementing tactics to detect this threat, organizations mitigate the loss of sensitive information and also potentially protect against future attacks. Within the broader scope of mitigating insider threat, we focus on detecting(More)
Bioresorbable silicon electronics technology offers unprecedented opportunities to deploy advanced implantable monitoring systems that eliminate risks, cost and discomfort associated with surgical extraction. Applications include postoperative monitoring and transient physiologic recording after percutaneous or minimally invasive placement of vascular,(More)
— Control of access to information based upon temporal attributes can add another dimension to access control. To demonstrate the feasibility of operating system-level support for temporal access controls, the Time Interval File Protection System (TIFPS), a prototype of the Time Interval Access Control (TIAC) model, has been implemented by modifying Linux(More)
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