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n-orbit assembly and integration of crew modules and truss structures will be one of the challenging tasks in building the international space station. Contact dynamics will occur as a result of this assembly and integration. Two types of contact are being envisioned, namely, docking and berthing. Docking refers to flying two bodies into contact using(More)
  • Ken Alder
  • Isis; an international review devoted to the…
  • 2013
This essay argues that historians of science who seek to embody our oxymoronic self-description must confront both contradictory terms that define our common enterprise--that is, both "history" and "science." On the history/methods side, it suggests that we embrace the heterogeneity of our institutional arrangements and repudiate the homogeneous(More)
NASA's Human Space Flight program depends heavily on spacewalks performed by human astronauts. These Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs) are risky, expensive and complex. In collaboration with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), NASA is developing a robotic astronaut's assistant called Robonaut that could boost EVA productivity while(More)
This introductory article provides an overview of the historiography of scientific secrecy from J.D. Bernal and Robert Merton to this day. It reviews how historians and sociologists of science have explored the role of secrets in commercial and governmentsponsored scientific research through the ages. Whether focusing on the medieval, early modern or modern(More)
This paper presents an intelligent system health monitoring technique for a humanoid robot, Robonaut, which was developed at JSC to be used in space. Robonaut’s lower level controller publishes sensor information through NDDS, network middleware, and Self Agent analyzes the data to monitor the status of the robot. A hierarchical system health monitoring(More)
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