Kemmannu Vikram Bhat

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Juvenile ossifying fibroma is a rare, unusual fibro-osseous benign tumor of the craniofacial region. It is a progressively growing tumor and has to be removed completely to prevent recurrence. A radical surgery is not advisable in a pediatric patient. Here we describe the sublabial approach for excision of this tumor that allows the complete removal of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Virtual bronchoscopy is a noninvasive technique which provides an intraluminal view of the tracheobronchial tree. This study aimed to evaluate this technique in comparison with rigid bronchoscopy, in paediatric patients with tracheobronchial foreign bodies undetected by plain chest radiography. METHODS Plain chest radiography was initially(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to compare outcomes for mastoidotympanoplasty and for tympanoplasty alone in cases of quiescent, tubotympanic, chronic, suppurative otitis media. STUDY DESIGN Single-blinded, randomised, controlled study within a tertiary referral hospital. METHODS Sixty-eight cases were randomly allocated into two groups. In group one, 35(More)
Postauricular cutaneous mastoid fistula secondary to chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is an unusual complication. Bilateral manifestation along with primary acquired cholesteatoma and atelectasis of the pars tensa as an end-stage complication in the natural course of atticoantral CSOM is rare. This kind of complication has a very morbid effect on the(More)
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