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Authenticity Within Hip-Hop and Other Cultures Threatened with Assimilation
This essay examines claims of authenticity within hip-hop, African American culture. In the mid- to late 1990s, authenticity claims have been pervasive within hip-hop music communities, which had
MP3s Are Killing Home Taping: The Rise of Internet Distribution and Its Challenge to the Major Label Music Monopoly1
The phrase “home taping is killing music”—a slogan invented and heavily promoted by major labels to combat the unauthorized duplication of music in the early-1980s—now sounds quaint after the rise of
Genres, Subgenres, Sub-Subgenres and More: Musical and Social Differentiation Within Electronic/Dance Music Communities
Earl Grey Back to My Roots As the title implies, this is a personal ride through some of Earl Grey's musical influences. Grey takes jazzy, early morning, Detroit techno and filters it through the
Creative License: The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling
How did the Depression-era folk-song collector Alan Lomax end up with a songwriting credit on Jay-Z’s song “Takeover”? Why doesn’t Clyde Stubblefield, the primary drummer on James Brown recordings
Confessions of an Intellectual (Property): Danger Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Sonny Bono, and My Long and Winding Path as a Copyright Activist‐Academic1
Using as its departure point the controversy surrounding the release and dissemination of Danger Mouse's Grey Album, this article discusses the recent brand of activism that has emerged as a reaction
Owning Culture: Authorship, Ownership, and Intellectual Property Law
Owning Culture demonstrates how intellectual property law has expanded to allow for private ownership of a remarkable array of things, from the patenting of human genes linked to breast cancer to the
How Copyright Law Changed Hip-Hop: An Interview with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Hank Shocklee
When Public Enemy released It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, in 1988, it was as if the album had landed from another planet. Nothing sounded like it at the time. It Takes a nation came