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BACKGROUND Simvastatin is a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitor commonly known as a cholesterol-lowering drug with additional pleiotropic effects. Also, it is demonstrated that it prevents postoperative peritoneal adhesions in rat. This study was designed to assess its effects on the healing process of colonic anastomosis. METHODS(More)
AIM To investigate the effect of exogenous erythro-poietin (EPO) administration on acute lung injury (ALI) in an experimental model of sodium taurodeoxycholate- induced acute necrotizing pancreatitis (ANP). METHODS Forty-seven male Wistar albino rats were randomly divided into 7 groups: sham group (n = 5), 3 ANP groups (n = 7 each) and 3 EPO groups (n = 7(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemorrhage is a leading cause of death after trauma. It is also the major cause of operating room deaths among patients who undergo liver surgery. Various techniques and materials have been attempted to manage bleeding, but a standard method has not been defined yet. We studied the hemostatic effects of Ankaferd Blood Stopper on liver injury in(More)
AIM To investigate the gastroprotective effect of vardenafil against indomethacin-induced gastric damage. METHODS Forty-eight female Wistar albino rats were randomly divided into 6 groups. Group 1 received saline only. Group 2 (indomethacin) received indomethacin. Rats in group 3 and 4 were pretreated with different doses of famotidine. Group 5 and 6 were(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE We evaluated the effects of dexmedetomidine pretreatment on bupivacaine cardiotoxicity in anesthetized rats. METHODS Sixteen Wistar-Albino male rats (300-400 g) were anesthetized with ketamine. Electrocardiographic and invasive blood pressure monitoring were performed, and the results were continuously recorded. The rats were(More)
PURPOSE Surgeon inexperience has been defined as a significant predictor of deleterious outcome in thyroid surgery; however, the safety of training programs in which residents are the primary surgeons is controversial. The objective of this prospective study was to compare the complication rates of total thyroidectomy (TT) performed by residents with those(More)
The mucocele of the appendix is an uncommon disorder which is often asymptomatic but sometimes causes acute appendicitis-like symptoms. Sometimes, patients with mucocele can present with confusing symptoms. Preoperative suspicion and diagnosis of appendiceal mucocele are important. Ultrasonography and computed tomography are useful tools for the diagnosis(More)
Lipoma within an inverted Meckel's diverticulum presenting with hemorrhage and partial intestinal obstruction is an exceptional clinical entity. We report a case of 47-year-old male with a history of recurrent episodes of partial intestinal obstruction and melena due to a subserosal lipoma located in the base of an inverted Meckel's diverticulum. According(More)
INTRODUCTION 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate may be a good alternative in ischemic colon anastomosis without impairment of tissue perfusion. METHODS Forty male Wistar albino rats were randomized into four experimental groups (n = 10 in each group). In group 1 (control), a well-perfused left colonic segment was transected, and free ends were anastomosed by propylene(More)