Kemal Dizdarevic

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In this paper, a wavelet-based neural network (WNN) classifier for recognizing EEG signals is implemented and tested under three sets EEG signals (healthy subjects, patients with epilepsy and patients with epileptic syndrome during the seizure). First, the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) with the Multi-Resolution Analysis (MRA) is applied to decompose EEG(More)
PURPOSE Secondary brain ischaemia (SBI) usually develops after aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Current approaches to managing these conditions are based either on intracranial pressure-targeted therapy (ICP-targeted) with cerebral microdialysis (CM) monitoring according to the modified Lund concept or(More)
Sarcoidosis is a multi-system disease of unknown etiology with abnormal immune response. Neurosarcoidosis affects 3 to 5% of all patients with sarcoidosis. A case of the patient with neurosarcoidosis, has been presented in this article. He has had leptomeningeal involvement and white matter lesions of the left cerebral hemisphere and clinically, transient(More)
AIM A potential advantage of the use of the plastic clips in neurosurgery is their property of causing fewer artifacts than titanium clips as assessed by computed tomography and magnetic resonance scans. The biocompatibility of plastic clips was demonstrated in the peritoneal cavity, but their behavior in the neurocranium is not known. MATERIAL AND(More)
Trauma is number one cause of death in young population in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Department of Neurosurgery, Clinical Center Unversity of Sarajevo (CCUS), as a representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina, participated in the International Research-Treat-Traumatic brain injury project over a span of three years with the main objective to save the lives of(More)
BACKGROUND Memory declines measured by traditional tests in patients after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) are well documented. Classic examinations of memory problems sometimes do not significantly correlate with memory functions in everyday life. The objective of the study was to assess the specific type of everyday memory loss in patients after(More)
AIM To compare the effectiveness of the discectomy and conservative treatment in patients with disc related low back and lumbar radicular syndrome. METHODS We performed retrospective-prospective cohort study enrolling 100 patients. According to our extended criteria all of them had operative indications. We operated 50 patients, 50 patients refused(More)
INTRODUCTION Vestibular schwannoma (VS) is a benign tumour of cerebellopontine angle which total microsurgical resection is considered as a complex surgery. In Bosnia, VS microsurgical resection is performed occasionally and exclusively at the University Neurosurgical Depart. in Sarajevo, but radiosurgery of these tumours is completely absent. METHODS AND(More)
Tumors of the mouth basis, tongue root and oropharynx present a challenge for surgical treatment. High recurrence rates, poor survival, and significant postoperative alterations in speech and swallowing function are common experiences for patients with malignancies in these anatomic sites. This paper reviews the evaluation of displayed patients: pathologic(More)
The treatment for the pineal region tumors depends on tumor histology. Nowadays, germinomas can be cured by radiotherapy and chemotherapy without surgical resection but the other pineal region tumors should be primary treated by surgery. Two microsurgical approaches, the infratentorial supracerebellar and the occipital transtentorial, are accepted as the(More)