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This study proposes a new approach which calculates the weights of Locally Weighted Naive Bayes (LWNB) developed on Naive Bayes (NB) which is known with its simple structure. In this approach, a new equation is described by assigning a powered weight to each probabilistic factor in classic NB, and it is transformed to a linear form by using a simple(More)
The quality control process of the seal seams at Tetra Brik Aseptic carton package is traditionally performed by specialized workers in liquid food manufacturing businesses. Because it is based on the people, this control process has many drawbacks. In this study, it is aimed to perform the quality control of seal seams at carton package by a computer-aided(More)
Keywords: Canny edge detection Image processing Pixel based image segmentation Quality control Impermeable seams Multilayered aseptic package a b s t r a c t Multilayered aseptic material which guarantees the extended shelf life of liquid foods is turned into an impermeable package by folding packaging machines. Some problems in the machines causes the(More)
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