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To study qualitative and quantitative changes in the glial cell population of young postnatal dogs, the cervical spinal cords of 20 beagle pups, ranging in age from 1 to 28 days, were prepared for light and electron microscopy. Glial cells in the lateral corticospinal tract were classified and quantified directly on the electron microscope. Quantification(More)
  • B Zorina Khan, Humphry Davy, +19 authors Fellows
  • 2008
1 " If for four centuries there had been a very widely extended franchise ... the threshing machine, the power loom, the spinning jenny, and possibly the steam-engine, would have been prohibited "-Sir Henry Sumner Maine (1885) INTRODUCTION This paper provides an empirical assessment of the contribution of different types of knowledge to British(More)
The instantaneous reversal of the motion of every moving particle of a system causes the system to move backwards, each particle along its path and at the same speed as before… Until very recently, the foundations of statistical mechanics were far from satisfactory. Textbooks approach the subject in one of two ways[1-3]. A common approach is to postulate a(More)
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