Kelvin Kam Wing Chu

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In real life, data collected day by day often appear in sequences and this type of data is called sequence data. The technique of searching for similar patterns among sequence data is very important in many applications. We first point out that there are some deficiencies in the existing definitions of sequence similarity. We then introduce a definition of(More)
The technique of searching for similar patterns among time series data is very useful in many applications. The problem becomes difficult when shifting and scaling are considered. We find that we can treat the problem geometrically and the major contribution of this paper is that a uniform geometrical model that can analyze the existing related methods is(More)
User-perceived application-level performance is very important to the adoption and success of 3G wireless services and infrastructure. This paper illustrates the end-to-end application performance when connecting through a CDMA-1XRTT network and compares the performance to that of a dialup connection. The results show that the application performance in(More)
Developments in structural biology and molecular biology have allowed increasingly detailed investigations of structure-function relationships. Although atomic-resolution structures of proteins are becoming more common, a growing number of structural studies have focused on the role played by dynamics and have sought to determine the structure of(More)
Previous research suggests that students’ prior knowledge can interfere with how they observe and remember lecture demonstrations. We measured students’ prior knowledge in introductory mechanics and electricity and magnetism at two large universities. Students were then asked to predict the outcome of lecture demonstrations. We compare students’ predictions(More)
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