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BACKGROUND The cost of cigarettes has been cited as a motivating factor for smokers to quit smoking, and a cigarette tax increase is an effective way to increase the cost of cigarettes. Scholars have suggested that smokers may see cigarette tax increases as commitment devices to help them quit smoking. Little is known about whether smokers actually think(More)
Measuring "reuse" and "reusability" is difficult because there are so many different facets to these concepts. Before we can effectively measure reuse and reusability, we must first be able to effectively measure these different facets. One such facet is the programming language constructs that are available. For example whether or not a language supports(More)
BACKGROUND Preventing smoking initiation among adolescents is crucial to reducing tobacco-caused death and disease. This study focuses on the effectiveness of a Web-based computer-tailored smoking prevention intervention aimed at adolescents. OBJECTIVE The intent of the study was to describe the intervention characteristics and to show the effectiveness(More)
Dynamic modeling offers many benefits to understand the dynamics of complex systems. Hybrid modeling attempts to bring together the complementary benefits of differing dynamic modeling approaches, such as System Dynamics and Agent-based modeling, to bear on a single research question. We present here, by means of an example, a hybrid modeling technique that(More)
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