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Optical properties of the FePt-C nanocomposite thin film that was synthesized by sputtering with MgO/NiTa underlayer on glass substrate have been determined by an approach combining spectroscopic ellipsometry and transmission over the wavelength range of 380 - 1700 nm. It was observed that the refractive index is larger than the extinction coefficient,(More)
In this report, the effect of simultaneously adding two dopants (C and Ta2O5) in FePt was investigated. (Fe55Pt45)79C21-(x vol%) Ta2O5 films (where x = 0% to 20%) were prepared using both low and high power magnetron sputtering on MgO (2 nm)/CrRu (30 nm) underlayers with in-situ heating at 350 degrees C. Films deposited at low power showed a decrease in(More)
FeTaC magnetic soft underlayer under elevated temperature process conditions for L1(0) FePt based perpendicular recording media has been investigated. After annealing FeTaC for 40 min at 350 degrees C, saturation moment increases to 750 emu/cm3 and, coercivity and remanent moment reduce to 2.3 Oe and 166 emu/cm3 respectively. The microstructure of FeTaC(More)
Replacing Ir with Rh in a CoIr system possessing negative uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy (K u ) substantially reduces its magnetic damping and coercivity by more than half while retaining its high negative K u . Moreover, a higher saturation magnetization (M s ) and more isotropic coercivity are achieved. Such material development makes it(More)
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