Kelvin C. Buchanan

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Anesthetizing guinea pigs is difficult with varying outcomes. The primary purpose of the study reported here was to evaluate six injectable anesthetic regimens for use in guinea pigs and assess the depth of anesthesia and, thus, their effectiveness in terms of their use for major surgical procedures. Other variables that were measured and evaluated included(More)
CD154 is the ligand for the receptor CD40. This ligand–receptor pair mediates endothelial and antigen-presenting cell activation, and facilitates the interaction of these cells with T cells and platelets. We demonstrate here that administration of a CD154-specific monoclonal antibody (hu5C8) allows for renal allotransplantation in outbred, MHC-mismatched(More)
Animal models of osteomyelitis traditionally have been characterized by inherent weaknesses related to animal size, differences in clinical findings compared with humans, aggressive behavior, high complication rate, and high cost. In this experiment, a model of tibial osteomyelitis was established in 28 goats with a very low complication rate and a(More)
A short-term, time-dependent smoke exposure of rats in a nose-only chamber to burning wood and 24-h recovery time revealed inflammation of the airways with varying degrees of injury from loss of cilia, degeneration of epithelium, and squamous metaplasia to submucosal edema. These histological changes were reflected in variable expression of the secretory(More)
BACKGROUND In Perú, a previous study of government-sponsored periodic examinations of female sex workers (FSWs) found no significant impact on rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). GOAL This study assessed the impact of technically improved periodic STD services on STD prevalence and on consistent condom use (CCU). STUDY DESIGN The study(More)
A 5-year-old castrated male ferret began to exhibit signs of episodic lethargy, hindlimb weakness, and ataxia along with mild to moderate weight loss. Serial blood glucose measurements revealed persistent hypoglycemia. The animal was euthanized and a necropsy performed. Discrete pancreatic nodules were discovered and submitted for histopathologic analysis.(More)
The reflectance and absorption of the skin plays a vital role in determining how much radiation will be absorbed by human tissue. Any substance covering the skin would change the way radiation is reflected and absorbed and thus the extent of thermal injury. Hairless guinea pigs (cavia porcellus) in vivo were used to evaluate how the minimum visible lesion(More)
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