Keltie J MacDonald

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AIM To document the skin manifestations of renal transplant recipients. METHODS The findings in 52 patients (27 males; mean age 43.5 yr; range 22-74 yr; SD 12.0) with a stable renal transplant for a mean of 115.6 mth (range 3-258; SD 70.6). Thirty seven patients were on prednisone and azathioprine and 18 on prednisone, azathioprine and cyclosporin. (More)
The insertion of the tendon of subscapularis is accepted as being on the lesser tubercle of the humerus. The transverse humeral ligament (THL) is described as a distinct entity in most textbooks, overlying the long tendon of biceps as it emerges from the capsule of the shoulder joint. In this study, we dissected 85 embalmed shoulders to clarify the anatomy(More)
Polymorphonuclear leucocyte chemotaxis was investigated in 6 patients with active dermatitis herpetiformis in the untreated state and when under control with Dapsone. Control studies were undertaken in 7 healthy volunteers. No significant difference in chemotaxis was demonstrated between the active, treated and control groups. Furthermore, when Dapsone in(More)
Iohexol (Omnipaque 350) and iopamidol (Isovue 370) are nonionic monomers; ioxaglate (Hexabrix 320) is an ionic dimer. We compared the nephrotoxicity of these three media by a prospective double-blind evaluation in 500 patients who underwent peripheral angiography during a 6-month period. Serum creatinine levels were determined before injection of the(More)
AIM To review our experience using acitretin for the skin complications in renal transplant recipients. METHODS Fifteen longterm caucasian renal transplant recipients suffering skin complications were treated with acitretin (10-50 mg daily), a second generation retinoid. Indications for its use were progressive actinic keratoses, widespread warts or(More)
The authors administered measures of loneliness, generalized trust beliefs in peers, and trust beliefs in specific familiar peers (i.e., opposite-gender peers, same-gender peers, close same-gender peers) to a sample of 63 children (33 girls, 30 boys) from 4th and 5th grades (M age = 10 years, 6 months). They assessed children's trusting behavior by engaging(More)
Standard anatomical textbooks describe the insertion of the subscapularis tendon on to the lesser tuberosity of the humerus. The transverse humeral ligament is also described at this level, as a band of tissue attached to the greater and lesser tuberosities, overlying the long tendon of biceps as it emerges from the capsule of the shoulder joint. The(More)
A randomised study of beta-carotene/canthaxanthin or placebo in chronic plaque psoriasis has failed to show any significant difference in the time to clearing and in the total accumulative dose required. Orange discolouration and hyperpigmentation of the skin occurred in the test group. In patients studied outside the randomised comparison, 2 patients who(More)
Eighteen patients with chronic plaque psoriasis were investigated in two groups to determine the optimal contact time for the application of 2% anthralin, within the range immediate removal to removal at 20 min. It was found that clinical efficacy, assessed by times to plaque clearing, and side effects of treatment, i.e. erythema and staining, were(More)