Kelsey McNeely

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ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase, encoded by glgC, catalyzes the first step of glycogen and glucosylglycer(ol/ate) biosynthesis. Here we report the construction of the first glgC null mutant of a marine(More)
Nitrate removal from culture media is widely used to enhance autofermentative hydrogen production in cyanobacteria during dark anaerobiosis. Here we have performed a systematic inventory of carbon(More)
Mössbauer studies of [{μ-S(CH2C(CH3)2CH2S}(μ-CO)FeIIFeI(PMe3)2(CO)3]PF6 (1 OX ), a model complex for the oxidized state of the [FeFe] hydrogenases, and the parent FeIFeI derivative are reported. The(More)
We highlight a range of cryoprobe-assisted NMR methods for studying metabolite production by cyanobacteria, which should be valuable for a wide range of biological applications requiring(More)
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