Kelsey M Moore

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The behavioral correlates of rat hippocampal CA1 cells were examined in a spatial navigation task in which two cylindrical landmarks predicted the location of food. The landmarks were maintained at a constant distance from each other but were moved from trial to trial within a large arena surrounded by static background cues. On each trial, the rats were(More)
BACKGROUND Escalated aggression is a behavioral sign of numerous psychiatric disorders characterized by a loss of control. The neurobiology underlying escalated aggression is unknown and is particularly understudied in females. Research in our laboratory demonstrated that repeated aggressive experience in female hamsters resulted in an escalated response to(More)
The ability to measure neurotransmitter release on a rapid time scale allows patterns of neurotransmission to be linked to specific behaviors or manipulations; a powerful tool in elucidating underlying mechanisms and circuitry. While the technique of microdialysis has been used for decades to measure nearly any analyte of interest in the brain, this(More)
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